Anyone can host a Big Latch On and venues can be anywhere in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Here is some basic information to help guide you:

  1. Decide on a venue. Past venues include: community centres, well child rooms, local maraes, cafes, church halls, libraries, council chambers, play centers and private homes. We have even had Big Latch On events on a plane and in movie theatres, so feel free to get creative! (if you are having trouble confirming a venue you can still register).
  2. Register your venue.
  3. Women’s Health Action will provide you with promotional materials and a detailed host hand book.
  4. Promote your Big Latch On event. When you register, your venue will be listed on the Women’s Health Action’s website and you will need to promote your event in your community  (unless you want it to be a private venue for just you and your friends, which is totally fine).
  5. Enjoy hosting your Big Latch On event, with hundreds of other women across New Zealand.
  6. On the day, get your participants to fill out the supplied registration form, count the number of breastfeeding children at your venue and inform Women’s Health Action of that number. Women’s Health Action will announce a New Zealand total on the website.
  7. Please ensure your participants complete feedback forms supplied by Women’s Health Action. We use this information to improve the event each year.
  8. Complete your host evaluation form supplied by Women’s Health Action.
  9. Send us the completed forms. Women’s Health Action will be here to support you every step of the way!

For more information please read the Host FAQ’s