Women’s Health Action produces and distributes a range of evidence based resources and other publications designed to assist women and their whānau to make informed decisions. The resources produced by Women’s Health Action undergo an intense research and development process in consultation with various stakeholders.

We also have a poster that can be printed off and displayed in clinics, waiting rooms, at antenatal classes etc that promotes all of our resources. Download this here.

Vitamin K – Does my baby need it?

Download – Vitamin K Resource

Ultrasound Scans During Pregnancy

Download – Ultrasound Scans During Pregnancy Resource

Birthing The Whenua/Placenta (The Third Stage of Labour)

Download – Birthing The Placenta (The Third Stage of Labour) Resource

Poster to promote perinatal resources

This poster can be printed off and displayed in physical spaces (like waiting rooms, clinics, antenatal classes, etc) to advertise and promote these resources. You can also download and email the poster if that is more suitable for your audience.

Perinatal resources poster in PDF and png.

Breastfeeding at Work

We partnered with BreastfeedingNZ to create these resources to support our working whānau to breastfeed. This three part series includes:

You can download each step individually or as a set of three. For more information about breastfeeding at work, check out: Breastfeeding Friendly Workplaces and Find Your Breastfeeding Support.