What is the Virtual Big Latch On?

The Virtual Big Latch On is a new, virtual event to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week 2021 (1 August – 7 August). The Virtual Big Latch On is being held in place of the Big Latch On, which is an in-person event. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and after careful consideration with our global partners, the decision was made to postpone the Face-to-Face Big Latch On until 2022. The Big Latch On is a global event and with many countries still dealing with the reality of COVID-19, it was not tenable to plan and organise physical gatherings with large numbers of people – including babies – at this time. We are excited to facilitate and promote this new iteration of the Big Latch On, and look forward to the safe return of the in-person Big Latch On in 2022.

What type of virtual events will be held?

The types of events will be decided by each individual event host, but expect to see events such as: Q&A sessions with local breastfeeding experts or advocates; events with people discussing their feeding journeys; breastfeeding friendly workplaces discussing breastfeeding at work; and coffee-group style events to connect breastfeeding parents in a local community.

When will the Big Latch On be returning?

It is our intention to celebrate the Face-to-Face Big Latch On in 2022, though in these uncertain times, this may change.

Can I take part in the Virtual Big Latch On?

Anyone can take part in the Virtual Big Latch On 2021! The Virtual Big Latch On is part of World Breastfeeding Week 2021 and the focus is on breastfeeding and breastfeeding support. This year, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are facilitating and promoting virtual events only.

The Virtual Big Latch On is designed to be as inclusive as possible. We welcome anyone who wants to attend a virtual event, as well as their supporters and whānau

Do I need to be breastfeeding?

You don’t need to be breastfeeding to attend a virtual event, although breastfeeding will be welcomed if you are.

Are you counting the number of latches this year?

Yes, our hosts have been given the option to count the number of latches as part of the Virtual Big Latch On. Anyone that is feeding their baby at a virtual event can be counted as a latch. However, it is not a requirement of your attendance, and you can still attend virtual events if you are not feeding your baby. These events are inclusive and for anyone who wants to take part.

How do I find a virtual event?

A list of all currently registered events is available on our “Find an Event page” below. New event registrations are accepted right up until 30 July, so keep checking back for new events. We will also be promoting events on the Big Latch On Aotearoa/New Zealand Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BigLatchOnNZ/

How do I search for an event?

You can search for events using our filters. Events can be filtered by region – the area in New Zealand where the event host lives or works. This tool is helpful if you are trying to find breastfeeding support or services in your local area. Events can also be filtered by the type of organisation that is hosting the event. For example, if you are looking for a kaupapa Māori event, you can use this filter to narrow down your search.

Do I need to register in advance?

No, you do not need to register in advance to attend a Virtual Big Latch On event. You can simply click the link to join the event at the time it is being held. If you would like an emailed reminder about the date and time of virtual events, you can enter your name and email address on the virtual event’s page (but it is not mandatory to do so).

What do I need to do on the day?

All you need to do on the day is click the link of whichever event you choose to attend at the time that it is being hosted.

Can I view/join more than one Virtual Big Latch On event?

Of course! The beauty of the Virtual Big Latch On is that you can choose an event that fits in with your time schedule, and you can attend as many as you are able to. Virtual events will be taking place at different times over two days – Friday 6 August and Saturday 7 August. There will also be Global Virtual Big Latch On events taking place throughout World Breastfeeding Week in different time zones to New Zealand, perfect for those who are up late at night feeding. These events will be listed on the Global Big Latch On website: https://biglatchon.org/

What is the Selfie Campaign?

The selfie initiative was created in 2014 to provide breastfeeding parents who could not attend a Big Latch On event in person the chance to participate online and encourage them to connect with other breastfeeding mums and parents via social media sites such as Facebook. This year, we will be running the Breastfeeding Selfie campaign as normal.

How do I share my selfie?

Post your pics to Facebook @BigLatchOnNZ or Instagram @thebiglatchonnz or on Twitter @LatchOnNZ with the hashtags #BigLatchOnNZ #Brelfie #HowWeLatch  

If you are not sure how to upload your selfie, we are happy to help out. Just email [email protected]

Can my selfie include other people in the photo?

Yes, if you want to take a selfie with other breastfeeding mums or parents, or any family members or supporters, you are more than welcome to, but you MUST have permission from these people before you share the photo.

Who can see my photo?

If you post your photo on your own Facebook page, who sees it will depend on your own privacy settings. Alternatively, if you post your selfie directly on the Big Latch On Facebook page, it can be seen by the general public as this is a public page. Women’s Health Action cannot be responsible for the privacy of photos posted directly onto our page.

When should I post my selfie?

You are welcome to share your selfie at any time across Friday 6 August and Saturday 7 August.

Does Facebook/Twitter/Instagram have restrictions in place around breastfeeding photos?

For the most part, a breastfeeding selfie should not violate any rules or policies on these sites. Click here for Facebook’s policy, click here for Twitter’s policy, and here for Instagram’s policy.