Tiaki Ūkaipō Breastfeeding Support Taranaki

Our programme supports mothers with free information and breastfeeding support Taranaki wide. We provide free one-on-one support from other mothers, as well as advice from a lactation consultant.

We welcome the involvement of partners and whānau as their support is vital to breastfeeding success.

We work in collaboration with a range of other providers and organisations such as Plunket, TDHB Maternity and Public Health, La Leche League and midwives.

Who is this service for? Mothers/babies must meet one of the following criteria to be eligible:

Mothers and/or babies who identify as Māori or Pacific Islander
Mothers aged under 25 years
Mothers who have a Community Services Card
Mothers in rural areas throughout Taranaki

Type of Support

Community Breastfeeding Service

Services Available

Phone Consultation

Online Consultation

Lactation Consultant

Antenatal/Postnatal Breastfeeding Education

Parents' room

Private space to feed (breastfeed/express/bottle feed)