What is the Brelfie Campaign?

The “brelfie” (breastfeeding selfie) campaign started in 2014 to give breastfeeding parents who could not attend a Big Latch On event in-person the chance to participate online and connect with other parents via social media. This year, we’re inviting all people who are feeding their children to take part in the Brelfie campaign.

How to submit your Brelfie?

Look out for the #Brelfie campaign on the BLO Facebook page during the Big Latch On (12th – 14th April) and post your Brelfie in the comments, or post to your own page and tag us with the hashtags #Brelfie #BigLatchOnNZ

Every Brelfie posted puts you into our prize draw! You can see this year’s prizes under the Supporters 2024 section.

Each year we count the number of Brelfies and this number gets added to the ‘Live Participant Count’.

I don’t want to post a photo on social media, can I still enter?

Yes absolutely! You can send us your Brelfie privately on Facebook messenger or email it to [email protected] to be counted! Alternatively, you can share one of the #Brelfie illustrations from the below. 

Check out the Big Latch On page for more information at www.blo.org.nz

Brelfie illustrations

Brelfie 1
Brelfie 2
Brelfie 3
Brelfie 4
Brelfie 5
Brelfie 6
Brelfie 7
Brelfie 8
Brelfie 9
Brelfie 10
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