La Leche League NZ

La Leche League Leaders are accredited by LLLI to provide information and support for breastfeeding families. Every Leader has at least one year of breastfeeding experience as well as training in breastfeeding management and communication skills. We can help over the phone, you can come along to our informal meetings, or ask a questions via email and on social media. All of this is free and confidential. Please scroll down to find your nearest group.

La Leche League has groups across the country. Groups hold regular informal discussion meetings for mothers and their babies, older children and support people are also welcome. Meetings are based on the importance of mother to mother support and cover a wide range of breastfeeding related topics. Please bring your questions, concerns and also your achievements and triumphs!

La Leche League welcomes mothers, pregnant women, their children and support people to our meetings for encouragement, support, information and discussion on a wide range of breastfeeding and parenting topics. The discussion topics for the meetings are flexible depending on the needs of those present. Topics for discussion may include:

Breastfeeding is normal
Early days of breastfeeding
Weaning & introduction of complementary foods
Overcoming difficulties
Many groups also hold coffee mornings, where we meet informally in a local public space. This allows mums to come with babies, toddlers and older children, to meet other breastfeeding mums in a baby/breastfeeding/child-friendly environment.

Type of Support

Community Breastfeeding Service

Services Available

Phone consultation

Online Consultation

La Leche League Leader/Peer supporter

Breastfeeding Advocate