Kendall Green discusses her breastfeeding journey, setting up an informal milk bank, and the importance of supporting true informed decision making.

Kendall Green

Kendall is a mother to two young daughters, Lola and Cleo, who keep her more than busy. She is currently embarking on a midwifery degree, previously having studied and worked in law. She is passionate about women’s health and breastfeeding, and had a long, complex and beautiful breastfeeding journey herself. She hopes to empower other women to make informed choices that feel right for them and their whānau. 

A massive thanks to Kendall for sharing her experiences with us.

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*Disclaimer* These videos are intended as a platform to share diverse experiences and information, and we hope that you find this series supportive and informative. It is important to note that these are personal stories and opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views of Women’s Health Action or our funders. Please seek advice from your health professional before making any important decisions about infant or young child feeding.

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