La Leche League Leaders are volunteers who support mothers/parents/families to breastfeed. This can be at groups and one-to-one, either in person, via telephone and text, or social media. They give information and encouragement on how breastfeeding works which promotes a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of a baby and its mother.

In this video a group of La Leche League leaders and members walk us through a typical session, with a particular focus on establishing breastfeeding in the early days and weeks.

A massive thanks to the lovely people at La Leche League NZ for participating in this video.

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*Disclaimer* These videos are indented as a platform to share diverse experiences and information, and we hope that you find this series supportive and informative. It is important to note that these are personal stories and opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views of Women’s Health Action or our funders. Please seek advice from your health professional before making any important decisions about infant or young child feeding.

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