Comply with the legislation

Regardless of the size of your organisation, it is important you meet all the legislative requirements. Changing and/or creating policies that support breastfeeding parents makes a public declaration of your compliance to legislation and demonstrates to your employees that you will support them – read more about the legislation here.

Save time

Our resources will provide a framework which will allow you to efficiently and effectively address all the issues involved in employing breastfeeding staff. The resources give you access to an international best practice standard, detail actions required, and provide templates, tips and guidelines on meeting the requirements of a breastfeeding friendly workplace. It is free to register and access these.

Save money

By implementing adequate breastfeeding support in your workplace you are more likely to have higher staff retention rates and reduce staff turnover. It should also increase staff morale which increases staff productivity. Using our resources and templates will provide you with all the information, resources, research, and ‘how-to’s for being breastfeeding friendly.

Add value

Gain competitive advantage from your breastfeeding friendly workplace by more than simply complying with the legislation. Implementing best practice helps ensure you are an employer of choice and your employees feel good about returning to work and continuing to breastfeed their infants.