To help employers on their journey towards being a baby and breastfeeding friendly workplace we have created the following guides and templates:


It is crucial employers implement breastfeeding friendly policies as this clearly signals commitment to the support, protection and promotion of breastfeeding. It is also important to not wait for an an employee to ask if they can breastfeed before policies are put into action. These need to be available and well-communicated to employees regardless. 

Breastfeeding workplace policy template A » a signed agreement demonstrating your organisations commitment to supporting breastfeeding employees.

Breastfeeding workplace policy template B » a shorter, alternate policy to demonstrate your support. 

Liaison person role description » policy describing the responsibilities of the designated Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace liaison person. Appointing a person as liable for maintaining breastfeeding practices ensure the guidelines are upheld to a high standard. 

Complaints procedure » a complaints procedure employees can follow if they have a complaint regarding breastfeeding in the workplace. To make sure employers keep their workplace breastfeeding friendly it is important employees have a clear understanding of how to provide feedback or raise grievances. 


Guidelines for positive workplace culture » ideas on how to ensure your workplace has a positive and supportive breastfeeding friendly culture.

Guide for feeding room set-up » information on how to set up an appropriate room for employees to breastfeed or express milk. 


Breastfeeding and working » a PowerPoint presenting the results of our ‘breastfeeding at work employee study’.